The Undertaker Net Worth, Age, Wife, Weight, Height

Mark William Calaway or as he’s known, The Undertaker is a professional wrestler now signed into WWE. The Undertaker can be considered as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. Calaway started his wrestling career in 1984 together with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) along with other promotions. In WCW, he had been mid-card celebrity named”Mean Mark” Callous. Mark joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) in 1990 in which Calaway was released as”The Undertaker.” Through time, The Undertaker has repeatedly held 17 championships. He’s famous for The Streak. It’s a set of 21 straight victories at WWE’s flagship annual event, WrestleMania.

The Undertaker Net Worth

As of 2020, The Undertaker’s Net Worth is projected to be approximately $17 million. The Undertaker includes a horror-themed, gruesome character. He utilizes scare tactics and supposed connections to this supernatural to frighten his enemies. He was certainly the most notable characters of the Attitude Era, including numerous storylines. The Undertaker is a four-time WWF/E Champion, also a three-time World Heavyweight Champion, also a six-time WWF World Tag Team Champion, also a one-time WCW Tag Team Champion and a one time WWF Hardcore Champion. The Undertaker is the 2nd most successful pay-per-view wrestler in WWE history. He’s wrestled in 172 matches.

The Undertaker Net Worth

Undertaker Age

Mark William Calaway, also called The Undertaker, is 55 years old. He had been born on March 24, 1965. This makes him among the earliest Superstars who’s still actively competing in WWE.

The Undertaker’s final in-ring look was in the RAW following WrestleMania 35; nonetheless, his very last game was back in November 2018 once he pitted against Shawn Michaels and Triple H along together with his”brother” Kane, in the Crown Jewel PPV.

Undertaker Weight

Weight of The Undertaker in KG is 138 KG and in pounds, 310 lbs.

Undertaker Height

The height of the Undertaker is 6’8” in feet, In centimetres it is 208 cm, and in metres it is 2.03 metres.

Undertaker height

Undertaker Wife

Calaway was wed to his first wife, Jodi Lynn, between 1989 and 1999; they had a boy, Gunner Vincent Calaway, born in 1993. Calaway wed his second wife, Sara Frank, in 2000. Back in 2001, she created televised appearances with all the WWE (then referred to as the WWF) as a member of a feud involving Calaway and Diamond Dallas Page, where she had been recognized as Calaway’s wife. They had two daughters Chasey and Gracie Calaway, before divorcing in 2007. Back in 2010, he wed former wrestler Michelle McCool. Their first child together, a girl called Kaia Faith Calaway, was born in 2012.

Undertaker Wife

The Undertaker House

The Undertaker was married. He also married his third wife and former wrestler Michelle McCool in 2010. The couple had their first child born in 2012. The Undertaker resides in his lovely Austin property together with his whole family. The reason the Undertaker resides in Austin, Texas, would be to remain near his hometown – Houston.

The Undertaker Son

Gunner Vincent Callaway is the son of the Undertaker and his former spouse Sara. He had been in 1993. Gunner graduated from Full Sail University. Total Sail University is precisely the exact same campus in which NXT is filmed, in Full Sail Arena. There were speculations among WWE fans seeing Gunner tracing his dad’s footsteps.

The Undertaker Theme Song

The Graveyard Symphony is The Undertaker’s theme song. It is The Undertaker who’s the artist. It is Called the Undertaker tune amongst WWE lovers. The tune’s mythical for its Undertaker and his lovers.

The Undertaker Salary

The Undertaker’s Web Worth could be attributed almost exclusively to his livelihood at WWE. Yes, the Undertaker has toiled his way up the ladder. The Undertaker went through several critical hard works, was engaged in more games than nearly all of the other superstars, has played on many occasions, but he’s made it on the peak of the WWE roster. The Undertaker’s salary in WWE is supposed to be approximately $2.5 million yearly.

The Undertaker Investments

The Undertaker has allegedly invested in Property together with his spouse Scott Everhart. Out of many properties that the Undertaker possesses is just one in Loveland, Colorado, known as Calahart, costing almost $3 million.


Are Kane and The Undertaker brothers?

The Undertaker and Kane are onscreen brothers. In the actual world, they don’t share any blood relations in any respect.

Does The Undertaker still wrestle?

Because of his era, The Undertaker just wrestles from the mega occasions of WWE. His final game was against Goldberg in the WWE Super ShowDown occasion in Saudi Arabia in June 2019.

Are The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar friends?

Yes The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar are real-life Pals. Though they weren’t in the excellent books of one another from the early 2000’s, their connection smoothened as the decades passed.

Why did The Undertaker wear a mask?

Throughout his feud with Mable at 1994-95, The Undertaker wore a mask for a while. In fact, thanks to many legs falls on the surface from the 500 lbs-Mable, The Undertaker had hurt his bone and utilized the mask to prevent additional injury.

When was The Undertaker born?

The Undertaker was born on March 24, 1965. He’s 55 years old.

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