Lance Storm on why he he liked working for WCW, Chris Jericho warned him about getting buried during WWE production meetings

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The second a part of Tommy Dreamer’s interview with Lance Storm is up now on the “Home of Hardcore” podcast feed. This week, Storm talked about his time in WCW and his days in WWE. Storm shared some attention-grabbing tales on the invasion storyline, his “boring” gimmick, his run as a part of the UnAmericans and extra.

Listed below are some highlights:

Storm stated he loved his time in WCW:  

“WCW’s highway schedule was really easy.  We did a Sunday home present and TV on Monday.  We recorded Nitro and Thunder on Monday.  So, you flew in on Sunday morning and also you flew dwelling Tuesday morning.  Guys had been making actually good offers.  I wasn’t the highest man.  I had a rental automobile and resort coated.  So I had no highway bills apart from a meal or two at Cracker Barrel.  I would go away on Sunday and residential on Tuesday.  My greatest 12 months in WWE might need cracked my first 12 months in WCW, possibly.  My deal was going to be an escalating deal for the three years, so I might have stayed there.  It’s humorous as a result of folks discuss concerning the artistic was unhealthy, however I used to be working with Billy Kidman, Rey Mysterio, Invoice DeMott, Chavo Guerrero.  I set to work with Booker and Sting.  I set to work with quite a lot of actually good folks.  Guys I appreciated and I knew that there was a ceiling.  I wasn’t going to be working in the principle occasions, at the least not within the subsequent three years, however I had no stress.  Every part was booked for me and paid for and all I needed to do was present up and work with my mates and have matches I like.  It’s like, it’s not a foul gig.”

Storm speaking about his push in WCW:

“I had three of the 4 singles titles all on the identical time.  I received all of them in a 13-day span.  So yea, I undoubtedly received a push, though it’s humorous in that I feel I solely held all three titles for 2 weeks, the place fan reminiscence is that I had this year-long run in WCW with this massive push, the place it actually was, once more, I used to be persistently handled pretty properly.  However, the precise big push with the three championships did final two weeks earlier than I gave two of them away.  However, it was primarily, I imagine, Johnny Ace’s doing as a result of Johnny Ace and I began on the identical present.  He was introduced in from All Japan as an agent.  He was going to be a end man.  He wanted to show his price.  He wanted somebody who might do all of these All Japan finishes and was keen to work arduous sufficient and will execute them and I feel he noticed me as that man.  So he agented my very first phase on Nitro and he agented that entire match the place I received the U.S. Title.  I feel it was a case, and I had heard, and now it was from Johnny so it will not be 100% correct, and that’s not an indictment of Johnny, it’s simply an indictment of anytime you hear it from one particular person within the wrestling enterprise, that it was a wager.  There was a manufacturing assembly and Vince Russo stated, ‘This man’s received no character.  What the hell can I do with him?’  Johnny Ace stated, ‘Give him to me for a month and he would be the hottest heel you might have.’  Then Johnny referred to as me at dwelling and stated, ‘We’re doing the U.S. Title match and we’re placing the title on you.  You’re going to alter it and make it The Canadian Heavyweight Title.  We’re supplying you with a push child.’  Johnny’s was my agent for the subsequent couple of months and I used to be a extremely popular heel.  I feel that cemented Johnny’ place within the firm as the highest agent and somebody that they needed to take heed to creatively after which he moved on to agenting greater and higher issues and I settled into my feud with The M.I.A. and The Filthy Animals.  I used to be nonetheless used and nonetheless pushed however that preliminary month of holy crap, this man one three championships and is difficult for the heavyweight title was about one month of the ten months that I used to be there.”

Lance Storm speaking about going to WWE:

“Once I received to WWE, I sensed early on, even on the final Nitro, Shane McMahon got here as much as me and I’m assuming he was attempting to place me over as a result of he used my catchphrase when he stated hello to me, however he received it unsuitable.  It actually hit me that they form of know what we’re doing right here, however they don’t absolutely.  I feel there’s a labeling system in wrestling and there was the, okay, what’s his deal?  They took the ‘he’s severe’ for ‘he doesn’t present feelings and he has no character.’  I had a character.  I used to be a really imply, indignant, son of a b**ch that had an perspective.  It simply wasn’t one which tolerated foolish.  It received translated and so Brian Gewirtz after I received to WWE, he takes that and goes, ‘We see you as Sam the Eagle from The Muppets.  That’s what we see you as.’  Then for my backstage promos and in ring promos, I used to be continually advised, ‘Extra monotone.  Extra uninteresting.  We see you as this monotone, impassive robotic.’  For backstage segments, quite a lot of occasions they’d inform me to do 4 or 5 takes as a result of they’d say, ‘Uninteresting it down.  Uninteresting it down.  Uninteresting it down.’  I’m like, ‘Okay, I’ll do what I’m advised.’  Then after just a few months of that, I’ve Jericho pull me apart and he stated, ‘Yeah, I simply sat in a manufacturing assembly.  Are you aware you’re getting buried in manufacturing conferences for not having sufficient emotion in your promos?’  I stated, ‘They made me do retakes to make them extra uninteresting.’  He’s like, “Properly, you’re getting buried for not having sufficient emotion in your promos.’  It was a misplaced in translation factor that not everybody is aware of.”

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