Honky Tonk Man says Jake Roberts lied on WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures, guitar shot did not start his drug addiction

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WWE Corridor Of Famer The Honky Tonk Man took to Twitter to name out Jake “The Snake” Roberts for a narrative he has been telling for years on how his drug habit acquired began.

Roberts has claimed guitar shot to the top in 1987 is what began his points with medication. Roberts re-told the story on Sunday’s episode of WWE’s Most Wished Treasures on the A&E Community and he indicated that there was nonetheless warmth with HTM over the incident.

On Twitter, Honky Tonk Man disputed Roberts’ declare and says that he hit different wrestlers with a guitar and it didn’t trigger drug issues for them.

HTM tweeted, “HTM Guitar Hits that didn’t trigger Crack Dependancy: Macho Man, Brutus Beefcake, Final Warrior, Superfly Snuka, Bret Hart.
Crack Cocaine Dependancy Hit: Snake Roberts”

He additionally famous that the guitar was gimmicked to melt the low. He tweeted, “We used Strongbow’s pocket knife to chop marks within the again to weaken it. The center and prime helps I eliminated with a screw driver and a hammer. I used a black marker to cowl the place the knife chipped out the fiber glass coating. The guitar was on the heavy facet, made a very good sound.”

HTM additionally disputed the story that Roberts instructed on Darkish Facet of the Ring the place he claimed that he was able to hit THe Final Warrior with a roll of quarters throughout WrestleMania weekend.

HTM tweeted, “He wouldn’t use a $10.00 roll of quarters that approach,,, one other lie from an addict. His habit now’s lies.”

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